Learning is always FUN and ​CREATIVE at The Treetop!​
We are proud to offer the following educational programs:
  1. Little Learners with Ms. Dawn
    Little Learners with Ms. Dawn
    Pre-school readiness is the ultimate goal of our age-appropriate curriculum! Join us on a learning adventure beginning with Parent & ME experiences and ending with Slow Separtion/On MY Own classes!
  2. Baby Ballet Long Island
    Baby Ballet Long Island
    Do you imagine a mommy & me class developed by one of the ballet industry's highest trained teachers, where your child can actually learn a ballet foundation to build upon yet have fun? WELCOME to Baby Ballet @ The Treetop! You will adore it!
  3. The Happy Bookworm
    The Happy Bookworm
    Becoming a lifelong reader begins with the love of a story! Join our expert bookworms in their classes and watch as they expose your little ones to age appropriate literature which comes to life through art, music, poetry and movement activities!
  4. Music Together by Not Just ART
    Music Together by Not Just ART
    Music Together® is an internationally recognized early childhood music & movement program for newborns through age 5, and the grownups who love them! Each class offers a balance of songs, instrument play, movement, and rhythms in a playful setting!
  5. Have a new idea?
    Have a new idea?
    We are always open to new ideas! Email us at [email protected] if you a good one!
  6. Music & Fitness FUN
    Music & Fitness FUN
    From motor skills development to balance and co-ordination, this class will keep your child moving and dancing while developing a healthy attitude towards exercise. LoopDLoopKids is the new style of children music. With its upbeat tempo, children will play instruments, act, hop, jump, skip, crawl and learn basic dance routines with parents/caregivers for the ultimate bonding experience. Every session, families will receive an autograph copy of children book "A World Inside my Bubble," program CD, each child will receive a gift and an end of the session certificate/party!
To view or print our current class schedules, please click on the links below!
Please note that Once Upon a Treetop makes our best attempt to offer a variety of classes on different days and at different times! Should you need a different option, please let us know! We are happy to try to accommodate you! If you have a group of four or more, we will try to create a class just for you!
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